Current Services

Through our unique combination of educational classes, spiritual and material support we are striving to teach the people, especially women and children, to live a self-sustained life and to develop themselves as fully as possible.

Our current services involve:
– Crèche (2 – 6 years, incl. Grade R Class)
– Sponsor eight Outreach Crèches & Pre Schools
– Drop-In Centre for HIV / AIDS infected / affected mothers and children
– After Care Programme, incl. feeding scheme and educational classes
– Food & herb garden
– Sewing Class, incl. weekly workshop on life skills
– Support Groups (HIV / AIDS; Granny headed households; Single Parents)
– Poverty Alleviation, e.g. classes on gardening and a self-sustained life
– Youth Centre – Youth empowerment program 2 days a week (Tue – Thu)

 Future Planning

* Youth:
In 2012 we started a youth centre for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years.  We noticed that they have not been included in any services provided by the Government. In this Centre they meet people who listen to their ideas and dreams, take them  seriously and treat them with respect. At present 25 young people come to the project twice weekly and they are very eager to develop themselves. We will continue to develop this project throughout the coming years.

* Sustainability:
We had a civil engineer who specialises in sustainable eco-building assess our use of energy and water.  He looked at where we get our energy and water from and the costs.  He wrote a report with suggestions as to how we can become more sustainable.  This  will include the use of bio-gas, re-cycling of water and solar heating.  We are currently sending out proposals and raising funds in order to be able to implement at least some of the suggestions.  We will definately continue to develop this project in the next few months to come.

Small Business development:
We are constantly made aware of the high level of unemployment in our area and often feel that the help we are offering the people is just a drop in the ocean.  We will  begin to look into offering training in starting up small businesses.

* Building:
We are planning to start building early next year. As a project we have to deal with the growing amount of children coming to the project and we also want to extend the amount of services. Therefore we are looking at building a steel structure LAPA for our events and also Home to the Youth Centre.