Sithand’Izingane Care Project is structurally sponsored by:

  1. The Department of Social Development
  2. There are also many private sponsors in cash and materials. Our sponsors come from the community in Langaville and Geluksdal, but we also have a lot of sponsors from overseas e.g. Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia.

Every year we receive gifts from a school in Munich – Germany, donations from friends and family of our volunteers in the Netherlands and Germany and also stichting Intabazwe (e.g the new bakkie in 2016) and the Abantwane Belanga Foundation (e.g Steel Structure in 2017 and classroom in 2018) from the Netherlands are very helpful with donations for school uniforms, books, education and transport.  Since 4 years (start 2015) we also partner with Global Exploration SGE – Netherlands and join the program to become World Citizens. Without these sponsors Sithand’Izingane care project could not exist and could not do the work we want to do, to empower the community and to fulfill our vision and mission.

Donations are always welcome and it is a wonderful idea that people from the community and people from overseas think about opportunities for our children, our Youth and the families. We appreciate that you want to hold hands with us and with our children. Your donation makes a big difference in the lives of many children.

Name of the bank: First National Bank
Branch: Selcourt, Springs, South Africa
Branch code: 253 742
Account name: SithandIzingane Care Project / private fund
Account number: 62 108 182 693
Type of account:  Check account or Current account
Treasurer project: Ms. Cynthia Engle
For questions about fundraising and opportunities:
Sr. Mary Tuck (
Maarten Bollen  (
If you would like to join the project for volunteer work,  your internship for school, break – year / Gap year, research program or otherwise, please contact our partner SISIZA-UKUSIZA (Pty) Ltd for more details. They will provide you with all the necessary information, and answer all your questions.
Depending on your time of arrival we can make a plan. There is a minimum period of 4 weeks for volunteer work, and the minimum age to work at the project is 18 years at the time of arrival, unless otherwise discussed.
All the volunteers, guests, students, stay over at the Sisiza-Ukusiza Volunteer House in Geluksdal, 10 min. drive from the project. Unfortunately we are not able to provide a salary or pay for accommodation for our volunteers. If you decide to work at the project, our volunteers share costs for:
Accommodation, Food (3 meals per day), transport to the project and guidance during the time you stay with us. 
The project invites volunteers, social workers (long term) and students to join the project and work with us. 
Four weeks working with international volunteers at our project. During the weekends enjoy the country, the city of Jo’burg & surroundings, learn more about our history, our people, the language, our culture, our beautiful nature.
Age limit: You are allowed to join if you are 18 years.
Accommodation:  Volunteer house in the Geluksdal area.
Minimum stay: 4 weeks
All our volunteer work is organized in cooperation with our partners:
> SISIZA-UKUSIZA Pty Ltd South Africa 
Office SA: +27 828 102 141
> Abantwane Belanga Foundation in the Netherlands 
There are different kind of opportunities for volunteers available:
Individual: You tell us what time of the year you want to come, and together we make a plan.
Long and short term: working as a volunteer; research program; internship; gap-year.
If you would like to join, or if you have any questions about this volunteer work, please sent your @mail to
They will answer all your questions, sent you all the necessary information about the volunteer work, and other opportunities.
Our Wish List:
There is a list with some items that we really would like to add to our wishes. There are two big wishes that we try to realise:
1. Floor tiles, electricity connection, furniture for our YOUTH Centre, SOLAR POWER and also extend the current buildings.
2. Renewal of our drainage and water system at the plot. The project was built in 1998 – 2000 and the pipes for water and drainage where built at that time as well. The quality was not the best and we need to replace and even renew some of the pipes as this is a health problem for the project if we don’t look at  this.
Next to this big wish we have our other smaller wishes for the project.
If you are working in the corporate environment and part of the CSI Corporate Social investment program and interested to help us with one of these wishes, please feel free to contact us.
1. Strong steel benches to sit outside.
2. Tables for our classroom.
4. Toiletries for the children.
5. Stationary for the children.
6. Art & Craft material. 
7. Big pots and pans for the kitchen.
8. Tuning service for the marimba’s
Due to the fact that SACBC stopped their funding, we are looking at possibilities to find sponsors that can help with:
1. Costs for maintenance: buildings; petrol and service for the schoolbus.
2. Top up some of the salaries of our staff and management
Our current sponsors: