We are proud to be partner with MEMPROW SA since this year. MEMPROW SA is an empowering program for young women living in South Africa. It is aimed at cultivating leadership skills women, also improving their lives by promoting fair treatment and fighting for gender equality against all the imbalance issues.

Purpose of the program:

  • To help and educate young women about different types of abuse
  • To equipe our girls with social survival skills
  • To teach them how to identify abuse
  • To help young woman fight all gender norms
  • To create acceptance and build independency

Our achievements:

  • We have covered all our topics and managed to reach all our teenage beneficiaries between 12 – 18 years and youth who joined all sessions and workshops we had this year (2018)
  • We hosted the intergenerational dialogue, where we invited the community to voice out and exchange information about the issues they have individually and as society. We reached our targeted numbers.

Topics covered:

  • Social survival skills / Social analysis / Mind mapping / Gender bases violence / Human Rights / Peer pressure / Sexual Health.

Way Forward for 2018 – 2019

  • We will continue our sessions we also will monitor our girls personal diaries. Next to that we start MEMPROW parenting in order to work hand in hand with their parents and equip them with Memprow skills. Last but not least we will host another dialogue to create healing amongst each other.

For more information about the MEMROW SA Program please call Mbali at Sithand’Izingane. Cell phone: 0797211408