As Sithand’Izingane Care Project we where invited to host the Family Matters Program 2016. ¬†This FMP program is organised by SACBC (Southern African Bishops Conference) – AURUM.

The Families Matter! Program (FMP) is an evidence-based, parent-focused intervention designed to promote positive parenting and effective parent-child communication about sexuality and sexual risk reduction, including risk for child sexual abuse and gender-based violence, for parents or caregivers of 9-12 year olds in Africa.

FMP recognizes that many parents and guardians may need support to effectively convey values and expectations about sexual behavior and communicate important HIV, STD, and pregnancy prevention messages to their children.

The ultimate goal of FMP is to reduce sexual risk behavior among adolescents, including delayed onset of sexual debut, by using parents to deliver primary prevention to their children and increasing awareness and protective strategies against child sexual abuse and harmful gender norms that may lead to violence.

We had the 1st wave which consisted of 80 participants, 76 graduated and 4 got a new job while attending the sessions. Our second wave is currently having 100 participants and the sessions are still ongoing. Happy Families produce productive employees!!!

This report was written by our M&E Officer / OVC Coordinator – Bandile Mabuza