Last week, the project received another wonderful donation from the Netherlands. On behalf of the Abantwane Belanga foundation and the St. Franciscus Primary school in the City of Bunde – Netherlands we received a donation of ZAR 34000 

Like last year (2015) the school had a fundraising event, and the children had to walk & run around the school, and the parents; family; friends could sponsor for every round. At the end they counted the amount of rounds they did, times the amount of money sponsored by the parents. Because so many children and parents where involved the amount that we received was like a dream come true.

It was a lovely event and it is so wonderful that people want to hold hands with us and join the work that the Sithand’Izingane project is doing for the community. We thank the school, the children and families in the Netherlands for this wonderful donation. A small amount that we received will partly be used for some day to day expenses, and the rest of the amount will be safed for the building project of our BOMA covering roof that will start this year.

We also received a very nice donation on behalf of the Abantwane Belanga foundation. The kitchen received 300 plates & Cups for the children to use during the feeding schema at the project.

Our current plates and cups had to be replaced and thanks to some wonderful donations in the Netherlands the foundation could buy 300 plates & cups.  The cheque and the plates & cups where handed over to the project on behalf of the Foundation and the school by Ronald Pluimakers and his wife Miran.