Sithand’Izingane care project is very proud when we look at our Volunteers from abroad. Volunteers from the Netherlands; Germany, Belgium but also some local volunteers are travelling to South Africa and join the project for some weeks or even months. Social Work students, Educational students, Food & Health skills, youth with computer skills, but also volunteers that just visit and work in our kitchen or garden, join the fieldworkers or feeding scheme.

The group of volunteers is a mixed group and vary in age from 18 up to 53 years old, men and women. But also a varied mix in educational level from Higher education until University. To put it briefly we are very proud and blessed by all these people that want to hold hands with us and be part of our Sithand’Izingane family.

From this month we are proud to introduce our own VOLUNTEER Guide / Mentor.

Her name is Ms. Nomthandazo – Jane and she will work with the volunteers when they are at the project. Nomthandazo is responsible for planning, transport, scope of work & guiding during the time that the volunteers are with us. She will also keep an eye in case the volunteer doesn’t feel well or if there is no work available. Nomthandazo has her roots in social work and that makes her the perfect person to work with the volunteers.

We are looking forward to work with Nomthandazo and we are sure she will make the volunteer time a once in a lifetime experience.

For more information about volunteer work opportunities please contact us: or look at