Today we celebrate our annual World AIDS Day as part of our information and prevention campaign. Sithand’Izingane wants to utilise the way we inform our community about the HIV – AIDS problems, and this annual day is part of the way we inform the community. Today was also a day of fun and activities for the children. This year we decided not to deliver our information and activities at the project, but we went to the sports field at Ext.1-2.

Early in the morning the fieldworkers and the staff, did the last preparations for this day, and Millicent was the main organiser and spokesperson for this day. The big white tent was already erected at the sports field and the children gathered at Ext. 8. From there they would walk to Ext. 1-2 and the last 500 meter would be the small running marathon. Our bakkie turned into a DJ stage with loud music to tell the community that they where invited to join the activity.

The running and walking activity was big fun and the children had a lot of fun. Our stakeholders where present during the day and next to motivational speakers we also had the Fire Brigade, and the Clinic. At the end of the activity we served lunch for all the children and parents.