We had a lot of good news stories last months, and one of them was the news that Thembi’s son Sizwe will leave South Africa to go to Cuba. He wrote a letter and asked if we could publish the letter on our Website. Because we are so proud of Sizwe we will do so. Sr. Mary wrote the This is his letter:

A Story of Hope, Dreams and Drive

Progression of Change 

In  life everybody needs a push to get to where they’re going.  An African proverb has it that it takes a village to raise a child.  “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi.  My journey is a journey of change, hope and dreams. Growing up, I never really had much.  It was enough to get me by and enough to keep me happy. Growing up in Langaville, Tsakane (50 km east of Johannesburg), a community rife with poverty, HIV and under development, you learn to be humble, you learn to be grateful for all you’ve received.

I’ve been going to Sithand’izingane Care Project as far back as when I did my Grade 2.  The love that was displayed by the women there was so warm.  A place where children felt like they belonged and had a home. I’ve received so much from the project.  I don’t understand the mystery of it – only that it meets children where they are but never leaves them where it found them.  I’ve grown to make the best of what I have, because in the end it’s not about what you had.  It’s about what you made out of what you had.  It is the love and warmth that moved me and carved me into becoming who I am today.  I believe lives don’t get better by chance, they get better by change, and Sithand’izingane is one of those changes that uplift the community.

I’ll be going to study medicine in Cuba in October 2014.  I’m a testament that dreams do come true, that as long as there’s hope and drive all can be accomplished. Sithand’izingane gives exactly that, HOPE.  It plays a pivotal role in shaping what I believe are the next greats.  If we don’t make positive change, we don’t grow.  If we don’t grow we aren’t living.  I am alive because I am the change I wish to see in the world.

Sizwe Aphane  –  October 2014


Sizwe’s mom started working at Sithand’izingane soon after the project opened in 2000.  During his school holidays he used to go to work with her.  At first he came to play and within a short time he looked for ways to help others at the project.  He and his friend Tato ran motivational workshops with the teenagers and more recently he came to share his inspiring story with our youth. Last year he matriculated and was one of the top students in the whole area.

We at Sithand’izingane care project are very proud of Sizwe!  We wish him God’s blessings as he leaves for Cuba and we look forward to having him back!

Sr Mary Tuck op  –  Board Member of Sithand’izingane