Last month the project and our project manager won the Tsakane Mall Award for best community development project. Sr. Mary Tuck and Thembi Aphane went to the award ceremony and this is the story they want to share.

..The Tsakane Mall has offices and they also have a community outreach programme.  They try to help projects in whatever way they can.  They fundraise and highlight needs.  This year for the first time they decided to hold an award ceremony.  They had several different categories. Sithand’izingane care project won the award for the best community development project in Kwadutsa – Tsakane, Kwa Thema and Duduza. 

Thembi Aphane, our project manager won two awards for the best community developer in the area.

We felt very honoured to be recognized by people in our area.  We realize that no one can do such wonderful work alone.  We have a very committed management team at the project and we also have some very dedicated staff members. We had a special lunch at Sithand’izingane where we celebrated our staff and the great work being done in serving the children and families in the area. On the same day we also celebrated Heritage Day by wearing traditional attire.  The children put on a concert and afterwards they had the opportunity to try some traditional African food.  No celebration is complete without a sip of ‘maheu’, African traditional beer made out of fermented maize.