In June – July 2014, 2 volunteers from the Netherlands joined our project for 4 weeks. Sjors & Sam Ruijters worked at the project, joined our Sithand’Izingane family and had their once in a lifetime experience. Sjors & Sam worked together with the local people, and joined the after care during the school holiday program. In the last week of their volunteer program, they also joined the Care Givers during the assessment work in the community.

It was a very good experience and also quit emotional sometimes for both Sjors and Sam, to be part of all this and to see how we as a project go forward and built up the lives for so many children, youth and families. The 2 brothers where very impressed about the work and the struggle, and decided to make a short movie about what they experienced during these 4 weeks.

We invite everybody to watch this short movie, and also to share it with friends, family and relatives.

This volunteer program is organised and coordinated by our partner Sisiza-Ukusiza. The new SA business of Maarten Bollen. He and his wife Anke are working closely together with the project since 2008 to built up a volunteer program and guesthouse in which the Youth of Tsakane is involved and trained.For those who are interested to join the volunteer program at the project, please contact us via @mail at

We will sent you all the necessary information about the volunteer program. The minimum age to join as a volunteer is 18 years.

But now have a look at the short movie and enjoy.